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GLoGtober Ketchup

 Slowly falling behind because of real-life Going to try this new method of batching some of these GLoGtober days together! This one is a little different, and is less tools for you to use and instead more stream of conscious and meandering thoughts I have floating around in my personal ether (that you can still totally use and expand on). If you do, please let me know how it goes!

Day 7 - 1d8 Reasons to become an Adventurer

  1. The next town over is paying more for adventurers to defend against bandits than they are for weapons and tools from your family blacksmith. 
  2. Kobolds have stolen your baby for the 1d8th time. 
  3. Your betrothed is actually someone you really, really don't like. 
  4. A powerful immortal wizard abducted you from your mundane life and imbued you with nigh-infinite power that's only accessible if you do nice things. 
  5. You find a magic lamp. 50% chance of including a genie. 
  6. Goblins. 
  7. A travelling witch places a curse on you for stepping on her robe. 
  8. While frolicking in the lake one day, a mysterious woman emerges and gives you a magic glowing sword. 
Day 8 - 1d10 Dungeon Mysteries
  1. Who closes and locks all the doors that are left open? 
  2. How are the traps reset? 
  3. Where do you recruit more minions and lackeys? 
  4. Where is the kitchen? 
  5. Where are the bathrooms? 
  6. Why doesn't one of the guards ever try taking the treasure for themselves? 
  7. Do they have insurance? 
  8. Is there a market for used or refurbished dungeons among BBEG's? 
  9. Is it cheaper to build a dungeon or upcycle an abandoned location? 
  10. How do you QA or stress test your dungeon before opening it? 
Day 9 - 1d20 Locations and Landmarks in the City of Pitt
  1. Rose Quarter
  2. Temple District
  3. Rathgold Apiary
  4. The Wheels
  5. Biomechanical Gardens
  6. 7-Pointed Star
  7. Flesh market
  8. The Library
  9. Square Town
  10. Smoke Zone
  11. Palace of the Flesh
  12. The Red Quarry
  13. Silver Spire
  14. Von Frond's Tower
  15. Old-Old Town
  16. New-Old Town
  17. The Shimmering Ponds
  18. The Statue of Vice
  19. The Coliseum 
  20. The Crater


  1. Something about location 6 being the *7*-pointed star bothers me.



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