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The Mighty - A Whitehack Class

The Mighty
Level XP HD AV* ST Slots Groups Raises 1 0 1+2 11 5 1 2 - 2 2,000 2 11 6 1 2 1 3 4,000 3 12 7 1 2 1 4 8,000 4 13
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Games Games Games

I love mini-games. 

You can play them in real life, you can inject them into taverns and pubs in your game, and they can serve as a nice change of pace between haggling with Kings and slaying Dragons (or slaying Kings and haggling with Dragons, depending on how your campaign is going). Here's three for you to steal and play with in-game or out. I've used these in pub settings, for carousing during downtime, or even for the BBEG to wager the macguffin against the PC's souls. 

King's Keep
A deception / gambling game in the same vein as Liar’s Dice or Pirate’s Dice. 

Setup: Both players have a cup and four dice (4d6). 
Gameplay: Play begins when both players secretly roll three of their dice (3d6) via the cup. After seeing what they rolled in secret, both players roll the fourth dice (1d6) out in the open. Then, on a count to three, both players simultaneously do one of the following: 

Yell “Keep" and keep the dice that was publicly rolled. 
Yell “King” and ‘give’ the publi…

Dryad's Sanctuary Release Party

Being trapped in a magical forest that wants to eat or enslave you until you love it has never been so fun!
I am pleased to announce that I'm finally releasing this little adventure out into the wild on Drivethrurpg and I'm not DONE-done with it, and will still probably make edits and updates and additions in the future, but it's finally at a point where I want to share it with everyone else. 
The adventure started out as something I was calling a decadungeon: a twelve-sided 3d map, so that the actual forest itself was a non-euclidean space that connected various locations together in a non-linear fashion. You can get the rough drafts of the maps here.Over the course of writing, and after a few playtests, I realized as novel as it looked and sounded, it didn't really help make the adventure more fun to play, and in the end that's really all that matters to me. I'll definitely use that for a future adventure though, so don't fret.
A Decadungeon 
The …

Longwinter Nights - Session 2

And so the mission begins, as the adventurers escort an archaeologist on what promises to be the biggest discovery of her career, and possibly the last.

Meet the boys:

Toshiro Nagi - The sensible and practical exorcist that hails from the quiet Tensia TownFurio - A mysterious assassin with a shadowy past.  Ezo Ashara - The lion-maned Beastfolk who finds himself very far from home.  Rev - A heavily armored knight of few words. 
And we're off with a late morning start thanks to Furio needing to sleep off some injuries, while Toshiro meets with the other two shmucks seasoned adventurers that have also been hired on as security detail: Ezo and Rev. Over brunch, Sigma Delmar, the head archaeologist and financier of this excursion, goes over the details of the assignment: after a two-day trek along the Dimnaya Stream, the group will set up shop in a newly discovered Old Architect seed-vault, where Sigma will spend as much time as she needs to exploring, unearthing, and cataloging all of …